In Memoriam


Code IATA : MH     Code OACI : MAS

Fondée en 1937 sous le nom de Malayan Airways. Avec la formation de l'état de Malaysie, la compagnie fut rebaptisée Malaysian Airways en 1963. En 1965, elle fut renommée Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) et, le 3 avril 1971, Malaysia Airlines System.(MAS). Le 15 octobre 1987, la compagnie adopta le nom de Malaysia Airlines.


IATA code : MH     ICAO code : MAS

Founded in 1937 as Malayan Airways. With the formation of Malaysia in 1963, the airline was renamed Malaysian Airways. In 1965, the airline became known as Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). On April 3, 1971, it was renamed Malaysia Airlines System (MAS). On 15 October, 1987, the trading name was changed to Malaysia Airlines.

Boeing 707-436
London Heathrow - LHR 1974